Disassembly of Turris Mox

Could somebody with Turris Mox create video showing the full disassembly of Turris Mox (with few modules). So far I have only found disassembly of end piece to access microSD card on module A.

My own personal challenge is that my Turris Mox is located on different continent than were I am. And trying to ask my brother to disassemble Mox without knowing myself what to do, is pretty hard. My Wi-Fi module at A module isn’t recognized by Mox at all, so the magically take it off and put it back in operation is most likely required. But to do this, full disassembly is required.


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Replying to myself (tweet from today): https://twitter.com/turris_cz/status/1150742485880250369


I am looking for videos or advice on how/where to attach the wifi antenna on each of Simple Wifi And Power Wifi.

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