Disassembly guide

Can someone point me to a disassembly guide? I’d like to insert a SD card into the slot on the Mox main board but I’m not sure how to open it up and I don’t want to break it. Thanks in advance!


The best approach seems to be to remove side parts first (the ones with holes for connectors). It’s easier to remove top/bottom parts connecting boxes then. What is official recommended way is not clear though.

Similar discussion about lack of docs has already happened in Czech here: Turris MOX - zkušenosti

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Thanks, got it! Here are some images that may be helpful for others trying to open it:


Thank you for your feedback. We are preparing a video, how to do it.
It should be released in the upcoming days.


If I may suggest something, can you also describe the various led signals and what do they mean? I had a problem with recovery mode 6 and what should I actually expect when Mox finally downloads the image.

That is already described in this article - Reset modes of Turris MOX. The mode 6 didn’t download and installed image for you? I know that it may sounds a little bit stupid, but microSD card was properly inserted?

I had similar issue - how to get into reset mode is documented well, but what does led signals mean once the reset mode is unclear. Especially in mode 6 it would be great to know when the operation did complete or fail.

I’ve read that article to the point I memorized it :smile:. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work although the SD card was inserted properly - it installed correctly after I downloaded it manually and inserted a USB stick with the image to the USB port and went into recovery mode 4. The led kept on blinking but I couldn’t access foris no matter what I did.
Also it would be nice if there was at least some kind of information that the SD card slot is easily accessible if you open the side panel - I disassembled it completely before I noticed ;).
A third thing is that the WiFi card was not plugged in correctly - it was half-plugged-in and wasn’t recognized by the OS. It probably came loose because of how it was handled during transportation.

Here is video, how you can insert microSD card into Turris MOX:


would be great to have that documentation linked from the introduction manual linked from the paper shipped in the device. it took me forever to figure this one out. :slight_smile:

maybe in one or many of those pages?