Disabling kresd and forris

No offence to the kresd developers - or the forris ones - but dnsmasq and luci work rather well for me. I would prefer to stick with those.

How can I allow automated updates and still disable kresd and the forris UI? Again, I’m sure they’re great but I have automation for my openwrt routers and they assume dnsmasq and luci for these things.

If that’s not currently supported, would there be interest in Merge Requests to to create such functionality?

I’m not sure why disable Foris. I’d assume that if you simply don’t use it, it shouldn’t get into your way.

Overall I don’t know answers to these questions; some people here on the forum do use dnsmasq for DNS, I think.

For now my solution is to set updates to manual and to remove /etc/rc.d/S60resolver.

It would be nice if /etc/init.d/resolver would check if the user has chosen to run with dnsmasq - perhaps by checking the value of “dhcp.@dnsmasq[0].port”. That doesn’t seem like a particularly big request.