Disabling HAAS/sentinel completly

I need to completely disable HAAS because I can’t redirect ssh port. There is another router in front of my omnia , which has only ports 22, 80, 443 opened and I can’t open another ports. So I disabled services: sentinel-dynfw-client, sentinel-proxy, sentinel-fwlogs and sentinel-minipot and rebooted the router. But after reboot there is still this firewall rule: [ tcp dpt:22 redir ports 2525 !sentinel: HaaS proxy port redirect ] preventing me to connect. How can I completely disable haas/sentinel ?

Thanks for any hint.

Uninstall it via (re)Foris?

A little complicated youre procedure. If a service is active (defined by your forward port) and opens a certain port identical to the honeypot port, the honeypot on this port will deactivate itself.

Enabling and disabling HaaS and honeypots is in the reForis section “Packages” and “Sentinel”

Uninstalling sentinel packages solved my problem. But IMHO this more workaround, one doesn’t have to uninstall apache to free port 80 or 443 ? Anyway, I let it for the developers consideration. Thank you for your help.

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I forgot to mention, that you also need to restart the firewall to get rid of the that redirection rule.

You can actually restart firewall.
Edit: Sorry I read as reboot :smile: