Difference betwee /mnt and /srv

What is the difference between /mnt and /srv on the Omnia? Is there a reason why I would prefer to mount a drive to one or the other?

I have a RAID device mounted to /mnt/RAID (using the internal mSATA connection) which appears to be functioning correctly. I would also like to mount a USB thumb drive as well. Is /mnt only for certain usage cases?

Can I mount multiple devices to /srv (say /srv/usb_01 and srv/usb_02)? Does using /srv somehow prevent writing to the internal flash?

Have you already set up the External Storage? Do you have a connected harddrive you’d like to use for the Storage plugin?

Generally, I’d leave my homes in /mnt even if I wouldn’t use the Storage plugin, because you never know your future decisions and maybe you’d like to use the Storage plugin in the end. And I’m really not sure how would it react if you had some mounts in /src - basically when you enable the plugin, it moves the content of /srv to the external drive…

Is External Storage a package?

Can you have multiple mounting points in srv?

On the omnia as well as any linux distro you can basically use an unlimited number of mount points. There is no destinction between /mnt and /srv for the os. They are both just paths. /mnt is usually used only for temporary mounting file systems of any kind while /srv is used to store data of some services. Nevertheless you if you want to store the data of a service on some other file system you can mount that below /srv

Just create a directory for each mount you want to use below /srv and then mount the disk there. Using a mount is basically just telling the os “if you want to store/read something on a path below the mount point do it where the mount points to”. In your case this would be the usb drives.

You could also mount the drives below /mnt/usb_01, /mnt/usb_02, … and create symlinks from the /srv directory: ln -s /mnt/usb_01/ /srv/usb_01/

Here is an overview of the linux filesystem hierarchy

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But as I said: be careful if you have mounts in /srv and disable/enable Storage plugin.

The Storage plugin in Foris seems to really want mounted drives to be in /srv:

Moreover, it seems that selected device will become /srv, rather than being mounted as a subdirectory of /srv. Is that correct?

Now I understand what you mean. Thanks.

Selected device will be formatted and will become /srv. That is beacause io intestive applications typically write to various subdirectories in /srv (like mysql) and thus mounting different device there protects your internal eMMC.

Would you recommend marking the /srv mount point read-only, as a way of protecting the eMMC, in the event that the mounting of the drive fails for some reason?

Obviously, the drive itself would be read-write.