DHCPv6 clients resolvable via DNS

Hi all.

I have been playing a bit and I found out that only IPv4 addresses of DHCP clients are resolvable by default in Turris OS.

Doing some research in this forum, I found this older thread: Enable DHCP client in DNS - IPv6 addresses not included?

That thread was written in 2019, but the same stub seems to be still present in dhcp_host_domain_ng.py .

Does anybody know if there is any plan to eventually implement this? Any ideas for workarounds? I am a bit of a newbie with OpenWRT, to be honest, so any good idea around would be very appreciated.

Hi @palonsoro

I haven’t searched deep enough, just a took a quick look, so I could be wrong.

But it seems that odhcpd (dhcpv6 server) does not advertize dhcp events, unlike the dnsmasq (dhcp-script.sh).

Once odhcpd starts to advertize dhcp events through hotplug, then dhcp_host_domain_ng.py could react to it somehow. But that IMHO should be resolved in upstream OpenWrt first.

See: Udhcpc.user script documentation and how to hotplug for DHCP events - #14 by bobafetthotmail - For Developers - OpenWrt Forum

Thank you very much for your answer. That gives me some interesting pointers.

I’ll check if that odhcpd still doesn’t advertise events via hotplug (the mail is from 2019, so maybe things changed) and see if I can request that to be added if needed possible (reason to not add it was the lack of a valid use case, and I think I have one now :slight_smile: ).

In the meanwhile, I’ll think of some hacky workaround (like something that watches odhcpd lease files and transforms it into a hosts file that can be added to knot resolver via custom config file option).

If I get time to work on all of this and get something interesting, I’ll post it here.


Ok. At the moment, I have had a look at odhcpd and it seems it still lacks hotplug support or anything that remotely looks like any kind of scripting hook, so I opened github issue to check if adding hotplug support can be now reconsidered:

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