DHCP unknown update operation

every once in a while I get these messages:

Sep 1 13:06:38 gw /dhcp_host_domain_ng.py: DHCP unknown update operation
Sep 1 13:06:38 gw /dhcp_host_domain_ng.py: Refresh kresd leases

any idea what causes these?

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I have searched for the error on gitlab, in both issues and merge requests, haven’t found anywhere…

edit: added the original error to the gitlab. hopefuly anyone can find it now and there was a question about how does it (i guess the new message) look in syslog

@fantomas If you edit /etc/resolver/dhcp_host_domain_ng in end of section

 def update_dhcp(self, op, hostname, ipv4):
        if op == "add":
        self._add_lease(hostname, ipv4)
        log("DHCP add new hostname [%s,%s]" % (hostname, ipv4), LOG_INFO)
        log("DHCP unknown update operation=[%s]" % (op), LOG_WARNING)      # the name of the operation (op) will be listed in the log

You can check name of operation in log.
I have Turris 1.1 and resolver unbound and then using new name of operation.

remove instead del and
update instead old

(Whitch also causing DHCP unknown update operation)

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yes, I manually patched te file, I’m postinfg the results to mentioned git page.

I have added the original error message to gitlab so people searching for it can find it now.