DHCP Not Working After Update from Factory Settings (and Update 3.8 Issues)


I had to factory reset my router two days ago because my wifi totally stopped and the router started constantly restarting itself. I was able to connect through cable and I was getting exceptions on many of Foris’ pages.

I thought the reason was because I deleted a package I thought was accidentally installed (kmod-regmap), but I don’t see that package on my router now (after reset) so it seems like it’s not essential. I start to wonder whether an update to v3.8 was the reason for this behaviour in my router.

Anyway, I did a factory reset, but the process didn’t go that well. First the clock never gets synchronized with the NTP server. But the problem comes when the Foris wizard updates the router.

After the update all connectivity to the router is lost and I get this message in the wizard:

Firmware update has failed due to a connection or installation error. You should check your cable connection before proceeding to the next step. But do not worry much about the update as the router will run the updater regularly.

After I restart the router the connectivity is back, but the DHCP is not working anymore. I have to enter static IPs to be able to finish the wizard.

If I skip the update everything works without any problems. But when the system gets updated after that the same problems happen – the DHCP stops working even though it’s activated in the settings.

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I’m seeing the same problem, but only on WiFi. Wired connections are fine.

Did you also change the network IP range in the wizard? I’m using 172.16.x.x range instead of the default 192.168.1.x

For me DHCP does not work for both wired and WiFI. At first I changed the IP network, but on subsequent tries I used the default one of 192.168.1.*. Basically every configuration is the default one currently.

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Had to fix it like that: Update broke my router

Exactly the same issue, Turris 1.1, have connection on a few devices, status:
laptop - wifi - fixed IP (both in laptop+router)
raspberry - lan - fixed IP (both sides)
xtrend (satelite receiver) - lan - fixed (both sides)
android phone - wifi - fixed (both sides)
chromecast - wifi - can’t connect (no chance of assigning a fixed IP)

tried the solution suggested here Update broke my router


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