DHCP is giving IPs out of the defined ranges

I’m trying to understand why even if my DHCP is setup to give Its in the range between 100 and 150 I have devices in my network that are automatically getting ip outside the defined range.

Any suggestion on what to check to solve that?


Are you sure you’ve set it right? In (re)Foris it’s putting 100 and 50 in the fields.

Hi, this sounds familiar :wink:

Are you using LUCI to configure the DHCP Server?
The value named limit is the amount of leases, not the upper barrier of the DHCP range.

So, according to your setup, the value start must be 100 and the value limit must be 50 in order to assign values between 100 and 150.

OpenWRT Wiki says:

limit Specifies the size of the address pool (e.g. with start=100, limit=150, maximum address will be .249)
[OpenWrt Wiki] DHCP and DNS configuration /etc/config/dhcp

This post is not off-topic, but contains related informations.

Thank you very much now everything is clear. I definitely misinterpreted the meaning of the configuration.
I did not change the defat value in re(Foris) or Luci I simply misunderstood the meaning of it

Thanks again

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