DHCP 61 / MER is it supported?

Hi Guys,

I’ve recently purchased the turris; I have a few questions in regards to setting it up.

I’m in the UK and have sky. Their routers authentication is DHCP 61 - I’m struggling to find any documentation to confirm if the turris supports this?

Secondly, a bonus question for anyone in a similar position, would you recommend keeping the sky router and just bridging, or get a dedicated modem?

Im leaning to the latter, maybe a draytek 130?

Open to ideas.

odhcpc [1] is provided by the upstream distro and as far as I know not being patched in the TOS build conf.

It seems to support option 5 (CER ID) but not option 61 [2] which to my understanding is the client submitting to the upstream server its client-id, comprised of DUID + IAID.

I am not sure whether OpenWRT implements the generation of a DUID for any of the router nodes at all, not sure whether it even makes sense in router context to generate a DUID at all for submission to the upstream server.

Most ISP would utilise a IPv6 prefix delegation with PPPoE and/or VLAN as authentication mechanism, but Sky apparently has gone a different route with that option 61.

The question is whether Sky requires the subscriber’s router to submit a client-id via DHCPv6 for general connectivity or whether it is just required for end nodes, e.g. TV, streaming boxes, etc to be able to access certain ISP services.

Maybe this [3] could be of assistance on the subject.

If the ISP’s box in full bridged mode performs well and does not cause any issue why to invest in another modem? If however, aside from the mentioned modem and depending on the subscriber line, there might be SFP modems to consider, saving space and an extra power supply/socket.

[1] git.openwrt.org Git - project/odhcp6c.git/blob - README
[2] git.openwrt.org Git - project/odhcp6c.git/blob - src/dhcpv6.c
[3] Sky and DHCP 60/61 - #11 by johnboy - Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum

Thank you; I don’t think I can set it to full bridge mode as there is no configuration option to do so. I’ll do a little research incase I’m mistaken.

Thanks for the information,. It looks like one of the posts might prove to be useful, so I’ll work through it and see.

That is sometimes an issue with ISP boxes not ceding full control to the subscriber and sometimes even having a remote backchannel (often dubbed support) in the box.

Just in case the box does not provide full bridge mode but only some sort of half bridge mode be aware of potential duplications with DHCP, DNS, Firewall that could easily cause grievance with downstream devices.

I just picked that one as it looked promising, however a search for sky dhcp 61 in that forum turned up also other hits.

Great, I’ll have a play around and see where I end up.

Thanks for the assist