Demo for Turris Omnia


is there any demo Omnia router available on the web so that i can checkout the webif and config possiblities? Or a pictured manual for the router?
I know only these sources:

But there i can not found any screenshots of the webui.



What aboout this?


this video shows only the installation wizzard - not the other menus. :frowning:

I made screenshots for you. I took them on Turris 1.1 router. It is same for Omnia except it has blue colors instead of red.

On Turris and also on Turris Omnia you can find two administration interfaces:

  1. Basic administration interface called Foris
  1. advanced administration interface called LuCI, which is in TurrisOS ( as it is default for OpenWRT/LEDE):
  • It is similar like in video, but the video was made 3-4 years ago. So there is little bit progress in design and so on.

Hi Pepe,

thank you so much. Can you make a screenshots from the page where you set static dhcp entries (mac & ip) and if it is possible to add hostnames for internal dns resolution there. Do not forget to pixel the mac adresses :wink:

So LuCi is not running on turris omnia atm? Do you know when it will be available?



LuCI is also running on Turris and Turris Omnia. Sorry if it wasn’t clear. :wink:
I little bit edited my previous post. To make it more clear that Turris is running on OpenWRT (soon on LEDE).

Yeah it is possible to set dhcp entries (mac & ip addreses) in Foris (there only for WAN) or you can use LuCI.

ok, thanks for clarifying this.

Here is is screenshot from the youtube link:

do i have the yellow marked inputfields in omnia too?
i want to configure dhcp and dns for local hosts in one place.

And what do you mean with:

basic administration interface - Foris. It should be resigned soon.



Sorry I’ve just missed two letters in that words. It should be redesigned. :wink: Corrected. Thanks

Right. Hostnames, sorry.
Yes, that’s also possible on Turris Omnia, but it’s a little bit tricky.
Because Turris Omnia uses kresd as a resolver you need to see this posts:

But you can ask here on forum and somebody will help you on that! :slight_smile:

So on Omnia i will find the basic administration interface shwon on your screenshots AND the LuCi Interface shown on the youtube vid. Correct? I do not care about colors or look and feel. Just want to be sure to have all the configoptions available.


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fine. just ordered my omnia turris :slight_smile:

You will find a online demo of Turris Omnia on follow link: