Dedicated bandwitch for some computers



it is possible configure omnia that way, so one computer (identified by MAC or whatever) will have at least minimal bandwitch (up/down) defined, no mather how busy are other clients?

I mean, I would like to create something like “guaranteed” DOWN/UP (ie. 10/10 from 30/30 WLAN) and use it for important PC(s). That means, if other computers in intranet will heavilly downloading/uploading stuff, they will be restricted, if that bandwitch interfere by the “VIP needs”.

Best case scenario: if no VIP PC connected, or connected and idling, all network has 30/30. But when VIP PC connects, and start working, they will have opportunity to down/up his 10/10 if needed, no matter how high demands other clients have.

I will be glad for any ideas or solution, I think we all have similar needs in home network :slight_smile:


There is luci-app-qos package that might provide some simple interface in LuCI to do that, but so far I don’t have any experience with it.


Have you solved it? SQM QoS seems to me like totally inappropriate package/software or I don’t know how to setup it correctly.


That might be correct, but sqm-scripts does offer a mode in which it tries to offer per internal-IP-address fairness, which might be as close to the stated goal you can get without requiring manual configuration of the VIP machines… So have you played with layer_cake and the different dual-isolation modes?

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I tried different things but without success. My “VIP” PC is on LAN interface while all other devices are on WLAN interface(s). The main problems were:

  1. Bandwidth on WLAN was limited even if my “VIP” PC was off - so my internet connection wasn’t used at full speed
  2. Bandwidth for WLAN was limited not only from/to WAN, but even from/to Omnia itself, so all LAN services like SMB shares were unusable because of very low (limited) speed

Maybe you could help me with particular setup for my scenario.


So, have you follwed the last section of titled “Making cake sing and dance, on a tight rope without a safety net”. This should get you to a situation where all concurrently active PCs should get an equal share of the available bandwidth; I realize that this is decidedly not a single “VIP” host, but it should make it much harder for the other PCs (assuming there are not too many in the internal network) to “down out” the “VIP” machine. If that works it has the advantage of not requiring any manual interventions/configurations.
Then again, this might not be good enough, so I would be interested to hear about your experience with that set-up, if you tried…

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