Data Collection License Agreement seems stuck

Good evening,

I installed my Turris Omnia 2 this afternoon and everything seems to be going great except the Data Collection screen. I read the licenses agreement and clicked “I accept”, but nothing happens. I tried navigating away and navigating back. The screen is still the licenses agreement.

How do I get past this screen?

Thank you

Meanwhile, go out and re-enter (re)Foris. You will see that I would no longer be on the license screen. What version of TurrisOS do you use? If you are on 5.1.4 you will need to manually enable and start the sentinel services (the data collection services) Data Collection on Turris OS 5.1.4. The problem was solved in the latest release candidate in the HBT branch (TurrisOS 5.1.5) Turris OS 5.1.5 is in the Testing branch.

I just attempted this doesn’t seem to have changed the from the licenses screen to anything else.

I am running TurrisOS 5.1.4. I went to the startup tab in Laci and enabled and started all of the sentinel services.

When I navigate back to data collection I still see the licenses accept/deny page.

Thank you for the suggestions, I did end up learning quite a bit about TurrisOS but I think I’m still stuck.

Same here…

checked: I accept the [Terms of Participation in Turris Project (Data Collection)

then pressed: “Save” and nothing happened.

The data collection tab in reForis does not offer many functions though. It offers just the option to agree or disagree with EULA and once you decided which option you want, then save it and that’s it. You can see for example in syslog that if you agreed with EULA that messages regarding EULA from data collection are gone.

This behavior should be improved in a new version of reForis, which can be found in Turris OS 5.2.0 in the development, where you will see if the automatic updates, data collection, and dynamic firewall are activated or not.