Data collection and DNS requests

Dear all,
I am a few weeks Omnia user and I started with Data Collection switched on. But over time I felt that the performance of my home network is subjectively slower than in the past when I used an ordinary WiFi router, and I started to investigate why.

I realise that the main problem are probably slow name resolutions and I tried several setups. At the end I found out that my Omnia router generates unbelievable high number of DNS queries to upstream DNS server. Most of them - 600 000 per day - where PTR queries.

I couldn’t find the source inside of my network and tried to switch off the data collection:

And it helped a lot in terms of DNS queries number but also in terms of my feelings when woking on internal endpoints.

Do you observe the same behaviour? If so, there is my general question: is it really necessary to generate so high DNS load when data collection/honey-pots/… are on?