Czech language in non-cz sections

Dear forum admins / moderators,

There seems to be a growing problem of people discussing in Czech.

I’ve tried to get some of my friends into the Turris Omnia community (as they are in the market for a new router) but they immediately got scared off by the amount of Czech-speak. :cry:

Now even an official banner appeared on the forum…

What is the policy here (I someties flag Cz posts when they are on a non-cs-section, but the official banner in Czech threw me off)? Should I keep flagging or is it simply excepted to have a mixed language forum / site?


Another example; when going to the documentation page from the English marketing page brings one to the Czech documentation:

brings one to:

It is not a “biggie” (it is corrected with some clicks) but it does scare off new-commers.

I feel also that many interesting things are discussed here and we are left out :frowning:

What? Google translator is out of order? :slight_smile:

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I don’t think so. As I see it, there’s small non-English activity in the forums and they are simpler topics (more basic) – typically questions from users that aren’t really comfortable with English or stuff specific to old Turris 1.x (not distributed outside CZ and not freely sold anyway).


I can say it too. Sometimes it’s more easier to write something in our language (Czech) to Turris team who is from Czech republic too - you may not like it but it’s true. Thanks this language we can communicate with the team more faster and there’s no communication mistakes (sometimes is more efficient for all). These things from the first post … hackathon is only for Czech people (so it’s not your bussiness - you had special post in news, some new documentation which isn’t in czech) it’s probably because of the organisation. The documentation thing is probably reason but i think that most of the Turris users are not dummies so they can easily switch the language to english (but yes it should be automated, but I think it’s not a big deal). Czech people - we are not terrorists as you probably think :smiley:

The main thing is that czech users are probably the most active users in this forum so they are creating new threads and that’s the reason why you see a lot of czech language. The important thing is that CZ.NIC have pro english tendencies, but some czech users don’t like it.

And the last thing. The main topics are in english language. There are a very small number of important topics in only czech language and not in english. The reasons are that:

  1. sometimes the problem is solved very fast,
  2. nobody of english speaking users don’t really cares and don’t write
  3. there are some specific threads only for czech users. It can be something like Turris 1.X topics or hackathon things.

I must admit that I have created the topic about buying official cases directly from the case manufacturer in Czech republic only in Czech language. The reason of it was because I wasn’t sure about sending the cases from manufacturer to another coutry (it wasn’t on their normal sales catalogue). After I visited the manufacturer personally and saw that they have it on their catalogue some guy have told me that I should do the documentation so I dit it in Czech and even in english language because at that time I have known that the can ship it to another country.

So there is always no mistake on the side of CZ.NIC, sometimes not even on the side of the czech users - sometimes the non czech users aren’t just so active and that’s the reason that someone in czech language write it first. I don’t want to attack anybody but it’s true. I’m on this forum for some time and cheking it almost every day so I can see it.


Thanks @qxstyles, please don’t get me wrong here…

I was just trying to figure out what the policy was (whether I should keep flagging non-English posts or not), as already two of my close friends choose not buy an Omnia due to a perceived lack of user-support (a counter-argument I read quite a lot on other (external) fora discussing the Turris Omnia).

Your post may help them understand that their sentiment is incorrect, thanks!

P.S. Don’t be silly though; no-one thinks Czechs are terrorists…

P.S.2 Good job against the Finland! :laughing:

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It was probably a bad joke :smiley: I know (with the terrorists, but I think that there are still some people who see our country in the bad way, probably not you) and thanks for the hockey stuff . Sorry that I write very long posts it’s because I want you to know as much possible to understant all of the things around Turris as possible so you can understand what’s the situation (and now I’m writing my final master thesis about Turris Omnia so I’m tuned for long text writing).

The truth is that the things have changed to better with the support generally. Turris team is very pro-english and as possible very pro-another languages (one of the main topics of the latest updates are languages in the interfaces - check it out here on the forum or in the documentation, they want to translate the user interfaces to as many languages as possible with using the community). They have even created a post for czech users about the english language preference because the most “customers” from Indiegogo was english speaking so after the original Turris 1.0 and 1.1 the CZ.NIC had to change the communication - now the Turris Project isn’t just for Czech speaking people and it’s for public (before that it was only for users who was chosen, like those in the Island :smiley: ). Turris Omnia is an international product.

I think that strategy of Turris Team after the start of the year 2017 have changed too. They have a new and I think very good head of the team @Tangero and there are some new ideas and plans for all of us in the future - so these routers really will be better and better in time (more functionality). CZ.NIC even managed to reallize the next international OpenWrt conferencion in Prague - which is good not even for Turris community.

The truth is that the most valuable information you can find here (forum), in documentation, in some OpenWrt forums and in some presentations or videos from seminars which are in YouTube (yes, sadly the most of them are in czech language but there are a plenty of them in english, but not so many as in czech because of the original Turris 1.0 and 1.1). So yes the truth is that sometimes czech people knows about something new a some time before non-czech people but it’s like everything (if you or someone of your friends works in McDonnald’s, you know that the next week will be for example picnic week or something like that etc.)

So yes your points are valid (or was valid) but it’s getting better and better and now it’s another level. This project is relativelly small opensource project and CZ.NIC has limited number of workers. They do their best, nobody did anything like that before them (even now thare’s nothing like this project). I think that very soon we can expect Turris OS 3.7 (or another 3.6.x) mainly with Wi-Fi Guest mode and better OpenVPN (I know that because I use nightly OS, this isn’t secret). After that since june there are some plans about the goals from indiegogo - monitoring/statistics etc.

The last thing - there were some mistakes in the past (W-Fi gate etc.) - everybody does mistakes and I think that it’s good that the mistakes happened at the beggining (we all can learn from that experience) because it’s not so bad as it would happened in the future (start isn’t always easy). Again it’s relativelly small project and they did and do everything to repair the mistakes. Even big, experienced and userfriendly companies do the mistakes and sometimes they even don’t care.

I know that you understanded me in my first post, this is just more info about things around Turris that I see (as one of the users and fans of the Turris) and think that you should know.

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And it’s appreciated!

I too love the Turris project (and its Omnia) on every level. Both technically, morally (FOSS!!) even socially! I totally respect the time and effort everyone is putting into this!

Believe me I am one of the biggest “evangelists”!

P.S. and please excuse me going slightly off-topic here (but I have to respond):

I even love (and I do mean LOVE) the Czech republic and its rich cultural historical heritage!! A rich country with little to no historical evidence of aggressive expansionism and a great emotionally deep culture. Only the current president is a bit erm… “funny”, but not a terrorist (bad joke in return from my end ;))!

Finally: češí do toho! I’ll be cheering Thursday afternoon (beating Norway may be key to keeping the boys in the tournament (too bad Jagr stopped international Hockey; LEGEND))!

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When I see the Czech content I’m not sure if I am on the right website…

Another prominent location where Czech content appears is the header at

Please translate this, that’s very annoying for people not speaking Czech.

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These are just links to CZ.NIC projects like MojeID - that’s czech system for universal login to some webs and some universal ID database (very briefly). They’ve got other things than Turris project - if you do something it’s very pity to not show that and hide it.

In FulHD looks like that. I think it’s not so annoying (yes I everyday start this web with english version of Turris because I’m so lazy to change it to czech on my browser). I think that in the era when ads are everywhere (even if you have adblock) this panel is one of the better things to see :smiley: But you can write to the support of CZ.NIC they will respond you. I’m sorry that I must write it but with the letter to support you can change more than with crying here. Yet nobody has written about that here so no one can wonder it’s still there, sorry but it’s true. I think that people in CZ.NIC can do something with this but is it really necessary?


Hi together,

i would also like to know how you handle that language duality.
From my view point, it irritates me as i do not know, if the bug posted in czech may also effects me, cause i can’t understand it. Google Translate is nice, but is not working on the forum page as the forms UI is English and so the full page translation is not working for mixed language content.
I totaly understand the “easy” way of communication…but you totally blocking all international users that may could help even faster or may better (excluding DEV team, but they may want to DEV instead of doing first level customer support). The czech community is strong for sure, but a international one is may be stronger?
Just as an example: every release notes are replied with bug reports…the same bug is posted in CZ section and in ENG section. You have to do the work twice…
Btw. you wrote everytime that if it is CZ it is not interesting for any non-CZ, but how should we know that? Just imagine a meeting with Chinese people and they start to speak Chinese from time to time…wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?

Anyway as woosting wrote: please don’t get me wrong :wink:

PS: just reallized that i am one year late not 1 month… LOL

Those current CZ release notes explicitly encourage people to prefer reporting in the corresponding EN threads. It’s on the reporters whether they “must” use CZ or not. I personally don’t expect that killing the CZ threads would noticeably improve the amount of information in EN.

BTW, dev vs. support distinction doesn’t seem related to language.