Custom Case for my Turris Omnia


Over Christmas, our VDSL internet line has rusted through (170m in the field) and I have finally found the time to get in touch with my Turris Omnia board. By the time I live now on a farm and surprisingly, a modern farm without internet almost doesn’t work anymore (especially alerting from the 24/7 farm robots/devices). After some experimentation, I was able to get Internet over a 4G net and connect all the farm devices.

So far so good but I had one simple problem left, probably you can spot it on the following picture.

I was always inspired by the first impression and design pictures of the Turris. So I decided to take this as an inspiration and model my own Case and 3D printing a new home for my Turris for 1x 3.5 HDD and 1x 2.5 SSD.

Now I have finally my awesome router. A super speed NAS, Dual WAN which works both at the same time (and failover perfectly), my lxc pi hole and scion network. Next thing I have to connect my RTK base station (which has a limited range to the rover) to my Turris and make it available over the cellular /Internet for greater range :smiley:


Second Version with the big fat passiv cooler (from a old GPU):