Custom Case for my Turris Omnia

Over Christmas, our VDSL internet line has rusted through (170m in the field) and I have finally found the time to get in touch with my Turris Omnia board. By the time I live now on a farm and surprisingly, a modern farm without internet almost doesn’t work anymore (especially alerting from the 24/7 farm robots/devices). After some experimentation, I was able to get Internet over a 4G net and connect all the farm devices.

So far so good but I had one simple problem left, probably you can spot it on the following picture.

I was always inspired by the first impression and design pictures of the Turris. So I decided to take this as an inspiration and model my own Case and 3D printing a new home for my Turris for 1x 3.5 HDD and 1x 2.5 SSD.

Now I have finally my awesome router. A super speed NAS, Dual WAN which works both at the same time (and failover perfectly), my lxc pi hole and scion network. Next thing I have to connect my RTK base station (which has a limited range to the rover) to my Turris and make it available over the cellular /Internet for greater range :smiley:


Second Version with the big fat passiv cooler (from a old GPU):



Will you share the STL files?


Hi, not sure if this will really help if You want to get this specific design of the case, but here is another one shared by @glassy in a different thread: Enclosure (case) for Turris Omnia router PCB by glassy - Thingiverse

STL files can be downloaded from here