Cron for automount?

Hi guys

sorry for dumb newbie question

I need cron script for automount disk on synology nas for majordomo DB storage

I mount remote synology disk with comand from terminal:
mount.cifs // /mnt/majordomo_db -o user=xxx,password=xxxx

but after Turris omnia restart mount point is not mounted :slight_smile: ofc…

How can I make cron script for this? How automaticaly mount it after Omnia start again Is it possible ? Thx for help

You don’t want to do that with cron. Cron is for periodic tasks, not tasks executed after boot.

I suspect OpenWRT auto mounter doesn’t work for you (probably misses support). And because you have terminal command, I would suggest creating service for it. See:

Or you can just put it into /etc/rc.local

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Cron can be used for tasks after boot with @reboot, but I agree with miska, this belongs in rc.local.

thank you all guys for hints