Creation of a DMZ possible?

Hi everybody
Is it possible to create a DMZ (without VLAN)?
Does the SOC has 3 independent ETH ports? LAN, WAN1, WAN2?

In page 20, there is the LAN/WAN configuration.

In one of the Indiegogo campaign replies Martin clarified that the WAN port will be directly connected to the SoC. The switch ports will be connected through a network chip. I reckon the design will be similar to many available SOHO routers and it will require VLANs to seperate the LAN. The OpenWRT documentation has a nice overview.

If your DMZ is purely software (e.g. LXC cointainers on the same device) you should be able to have as many interfaces you want.

I think that the slide 20 from RIPE presentation mentioned above by Leonardo is the best way to describe it.

Just a side note, because there are two ethernets between the switch chip and the SoC, you can dedicate one of the eth interfaces to a specific port on the switch and thus connector. Thus you can have eth1 directly connected to port 3, for example, while eth0 takes care of the rest of the ports. This is great when you want to ensure that one of the ports will have a full dedicated gigabit to the SoC without possible interference from other traffic.

Thanks very much for your reply.
In your example when port 3 is connected directly to eth1 and all other ports to eth0 does it mean port 3 and the other ports are completely isolated from each other? No cross talk on broadcast messages?

Yes, they are completely isolated.