Create a script generating a short description of a Turris Family Router

It now becomes more and more complicated to identify various variants of the Turris family routers.

You can have 1.0, 1.1, Omnia (various Wifi options), MOX (various HW configs) + various u-boot versions + various OS versions + various package lists and so on.

When people report issues here on the forum, it seems to always take a few cycles to get a full idea what exactly are they running.

I suggest adding a CLI script whose output would also be available in Reforis/About page that would more or less identify a router.

For mine, I can imagine a description like:

Omnia CZ11NIC13 1 GB, OS 7.0.0 HBT, U-Boot 2022.10, eMMC dead, PCI0: mSATA SSD (boot, swap), PCI1: WLE900VX (ath10k_pci, 2 SSIDs, 3 clients), PCI2: WLE200N2 (ath9k, 2 SSIDs, 0 clients), MCU b5a8 67ed, USB HDD 2ce5:0011, USB other 0403:6015, RJ45 WAN (connected, DHCP client), LAN (DHCP server, 3 connected), DNS (local, DNSSEC), Packages: Sentinel, LXC (1 running), NAS, Netmon, Syncthing, OpenVPN, Tor, Experimental: Netboot, kresd6, Firmware. 62 custom packages.

People could use this kind of description when reporting issues here on the forum.

What do you think?


its already there you can choose what details you need

It’s nice idea, but, I’m affraid, it’s up to team to put it together… Some info is easily accessible, e.g. OS version & branch, some other could be find but requires partial processing, but IMHO a lot of it should be picked from reForis and/or LuCI interfaces…

I’m affraid that for above mentioned usage is diagnostics report too detailed, even when you choose only partial modules - I tried it with firmware, filesystems, packages and system info modules - generated report was quite large (about 3 MB, containing 35192 sometimes very large lines :wink: ). You’d need to carefuly pick required info from it.

This is way more detailed than what I proposed. My proposal is to create something you could attach as a signature to your Discourse posts, so e.g. 2-3 lines of text.

Yes, I think this would have to be (at least partially) developed by CZ.NIC. I don’t for example, know, how to tell that my Omnia is CZ11NIC13.

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I suppose that such info you’ll find only on your invoice :wink:

I hoped either the device tree or the MCU could tell something about the particular model… Or the serial number :slight_smile:

Interesting & +1, i know this from PC motherboard mfg’s, using this concept when you post problems on their support forums.
Something like the result of CPU-Z validator and then the compact form.

Serial number you can see easily:

printf “%d\n” 0x$(crypto-wrapper serial-number)

(hint taken from forum), similarly OS and branch:

cat /etc/turris-version
uci get updater.turris.branch

You can see a lot of another info (nearly all) using command

uci show

and its variants… as to model version, I’m affraid you have to rely on invoice or something similar.