CPU shows 100% usage


An attempt to retrieve Pakon data for a period of one week ends 100% of the CPU. Foris is blocked. I have to restart. The next attemptafter restart ends as well bad 100% CPU…

Todday is Pakon week data load selection ready … without 100% CPU.

Today the problem was repeated - already when loading the initial Pakon settings - history one day.

I can not kill the process 100%CPU in the terminal with using htop key F9, Foris interface is broken, Luci works.

The only peculiarity on the router is running debug: /etc/resolver/resolver-debug.sh start

Data for analyse are sended tu support

Not even by SIGKILL? (The default is SIGTERM.)

I try it … sigkill /usr/bin/foris ???

It’s probably easiest for you to keep using htop – keys F9 9.

htop - cursor on proces - F9 - Enter … doesn’t work.

F9 key then 9 key then Enter key, please.

Thanks - heureka - I have been quite attentive. Now I can’t problem 100% CPU reproduce. I will try it occasionally.