CouchPotato + Sickbeard using LXC container: webinterface not reachable [solved]


I just installed CouchPotato and Sickbeard on the Turris Omnia using a Ubuntu LXC. I can see the python process is running but can’t access the webinterface using the 8081 (sickbeard) or 5050 (couchpotato) ports from my PC LAN (same subnet).
Do I need to configure a firewall rule for this? I only want to have access from the LAN.

I found the issue.
I was not aware the Ubuntu in the LXC has it’s own IP.

I changed the IP of the Ubuntu system to a static IP amd can access the webinterface now.

Think of a LXC container as a VM (it’s not really, it’s a very advanced jail). It acts as its own system, and as you found, needs to have its own IP address. It is a parasite on the existing running kernel, but for all intents and purposes is its own machine beyond that.