Correct setup of Mox antenna


I’m running a Mox AB with Wi-Fi 6 addon and it works well. However, I left the case open on one side and have the two antenna cables with the adhesive tape dangling out of the device. What is the intended way to fix the antennas inside the box? What surface would I glue them on and how should they be aligned for best performance?
I didn’t find anything on that topic in the documentation or the forums (except modding).

For reference, the Mox is mounted in the attic to cover the whole floor beneath it. The orientation of the box can be adjusted as needed.

I can’t tell about official recommendation for WiFI-6 in MOX, but generally it’s very empirical. The best is to experiment with a few different setups/positions and test the signal with the same device in different areas of the premises. Obviously, wifi source as far as possible from thick masonry walls and corners. If you create a stand/bracket, avoid metallic parts that can act as shields.