Connection problem

Hi guys. Im having regular problem with my connection. Several times a day my connection just collapse and Im out of internet for 10 to 20 secs. No matter if im connected by Wifi or cable.

Im sure the problem is somewhere on Omnia side, because when Im connected directly to provider modem (provider is UPC) then everything works fine, but when I put Turris Omnia between modem and my PC then the problems begins.

It is always just for short time period, so it is no critical, but it pretty sucks during company Skype calls. Especially when it happens several times during the call.

I tried to find any information on forum or internet but I havent find anything.

Thank you for any helps. It drives me crazy.

I also want to say that this is not a problem of Skype. It can happen anytime. And any connection doesnt work.

I would start by ping (or some other known IP) during that period to verify whether it’s a problem in DNS or not. Breaking calls probably means it lies lower in the stack than DNS, but I don’t know how Skype works.

Not even ping to works

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One more additional information: I have Windows 10 OS and reinstalling didnt help. Still the same problem. (I didnt reinstall system because of this connection problem, but I have noticed that the problem still exists after reinstallation).

Are there any logs that I can provide to you? Something what would tell me the reason of connection loss?

What modem do you have from UPC? is it only bridge, or with router functionality?
Have you tried flash the latest medkit to the TO (
You can try to provide for us an output of the ifconfig when its working, and when its not working.