Connecting to GPON via SPF


Vdaka za odpovede.
To SSH mi nefunguje ani s admin ani s root loginom. Cez web interfejs sa prihlasujem pomocou root loginu, tam admin login nefunguje.

M4x - english summary: I wanted to use an older version of ONT (CIG ONT G-25E), but before doing so I wanted to test it and connect to it, however I was not getting any IP from DHCP on my laptop. Johndoe explained, that that particular ONT is just a bridge, not router, so it cannot give me IP.


Guys, has any of you already investigated what SFP module would be a good one with Orange SK in their GPON network?


You don’t really want to know :frowning: Your best bet is to switch the Huawei ONT into “L2 mode”, where it acts as a bridge (wifi and web-gui is off), so your Turris connected behind it will get unfiltered internet traffic. This may not work, if you use EVO4 settopboxes.

Using any ONT not provided by Orange is unsupported.

From (skip the non-constructive part of the discussion):

Telekom, Orange aj Swan ma GPON viazane na seriove cislo prevodnika.
Cize ak sa chces zbavit prevodnika, museli by ti na GPON OLTcku nahodit
seriove cislo tvojho SFP modulu a pochybujem ze to bude niekto ochotny
spravit. Minimalne kvoli procesom a certifikacii kompatibility s danym

Presne ako pise mudrlant. GPON funguje inak ako klasicky switch do
ktoreho sa da len SFP a vsetko funguje. Odporucam si nastudovat ako
funguje GPON. V poctate sa jedna o Master - Slave zariadenia. Pripadne
server/client. Ked jedna strana obsluhuje opacnu. Cize zmena ONU od
ineho vyrobcu nemusi a pravdepodbne ani nebude fungovat.


Their statement reminds me of cable providers and the old days where DSL modems were incompatible. Both were wrong but some are still saying it and on the same page describe how to enable your own device with their service.

They are simply not prepared to enter a few numbers from their customers into their systems. And they never trust anyone to be able to enter some data somewhere. This ends like my current connection: PPPoE but login data does not matter.


What we have so far is only a GPON LAB where we were able to connect two different GPON ONT SFPs - Foxconn (Mikrotik branded) and Zisa OP151S modules to a Huawei MT5600 OLT. Both modules need small software changes both in kernel and in daemon in order to get recognized and properly configured. I am going add the software support to a next release.

Support of the modules on ISP side is yet another story. As you might know the GPON ONT (CPE) is configured from the ISP side using OMCI. Therefore you need not only the serial number for identification of your ONT, but also the proper profile to be used and pushed via OMCI. We are going to test one Omnia in a production GPON network here in Prague (with full support of the ISP) and we are going to report on this. The HW compatibility considerations and all configurations are going to be included. But I have to warn you that this is going to take some time - perhaps weeks or even months.



In addition, some providers have Encryption on their ONT devices and they won’t work with proper keys. Which means you cannot use anything, besides ISP equipment on those networks.

Estonia, is one prime example, where telia does not allow anything, besides their own provided Huawei ONT’s to their network.


I contacted Orange SK technical support today, and asked them again about official or unoffical SFP GPON support. The answer is still no, but if more clients will want something like that, there is a small chance they will test or support some SFP module.
So, if you have Orange FiberNet, and you hate their converters, please call their technical support (0905 905 905, option: 1-1-3-3) and ask them about support for one SFP module.
I know, few people want this from this forum, few from forum, etc., maybe we can change their actual decision about this. :slight_smile:


Can someone use a SFP insert GPON Stick H650SFP ??

To Turris Team: Will this SFP cartridge be compatible with Turris Omnia?