Connecting different Lans

How can I connect my different two lans?
My “ZYXEL” is my VDSL modem, connected to WAN5 for the pppoe connection, and LAN4 for the control.
The Zyxel gives me an ip address per dhcp (range 192.168.100.x)

My normal LAN is connected with 192.168.2.x.

What I want: I want to connect from my 192.168.2.x LAN the network within the 192.168.100.x LAN.

I didn’t find any solutions on the internet that worked…

Easy. Assign statically ip for your zyxel modem to some of your Omnia dhcp range lets say Then disable dhcp on zyxel and connect cables as usual. Then you dont need the control interface in luci you named zygel and you have everything in one network and you can access both Omnia and Zyxel modem via their IPs from LAN.

Edit: Because from what I understand now from your setup is that you have two dhcp servers one on Omnia and one on your modem. When you connect a cable between this two LAN segments you end up with two dhcp servers in one network which is troublesome. And clients will get ip randomly from which server was faster at the time of request. Internet might still work but thats no good setup.

Great idea. Disabled the DHCP server, gave the modem a static ip and switched from routermode to modemmode.

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