Configure WAN as another a 6th LAN port (Turris Omnia)

Hello community,

I am running out of LAN-ports on my Turris Omnia and was wondering if and how it is possible to use the additional WAN-port as a 6th LAN port.

Thanks in advance and have a great day,


In theory just add eth2 to br-lan… but in that case you will have no WAN port anymore, so your router will not route anymore. The omnia does not have an “addtional” WAN port it is just that the wan port can either be “switched” between the RJ45 socket or the SFP-cage. So if you use an SFP-module as WAN the WAN-ethernet port is deactivated.

When running into the same issue, I decided to add a 8-port managed switch to my network. I added all machines that are likely to talk to each other to that switch and only kept stuff on the omnia’s LAN ports that moste want to talk to the internet like my VoIP base station. Even with one port required as “uplink” to one of the omnia LAN ports that gave me 7 usable switch ports, as well as additional 4 free LAN ports on the omnis solving my “out-of-ethernet-ports” issue so far.

I guess that is not the answer yiu were hoping for, sorry.