Configuration hints for Aruba fiber (Fibra Aruba🇮🇹) service over OpenFiber network

Hi all,
I would like to share some configuration hints for Aruba fiber (Fibra Aruba🇮🇹) service over OpenFiber network, since it’s overall a good provider, spreading more and more in italy, with a service offer which pretty matches the common Turris Omnia user needs, however configuration instructions are not provided for this kind of device and I had to derive them from the configuration guide provided by Iliad (guide in italian:it:, thanks to Iliad Italia S.p.A.) for similar fiber connectivity service.

The crucial steps are creating a WAN network interface with Name ‘PPPoE’, Protocol ‘PPPoE client’ and thus create custom interface ‘eth2.835’ (interface eth2, vlan id 835 for Profile 1 users, or vlan id 100 for Profile 2 users, the applied profile is shown in the fiber service tab of the user profile panel on the Aruba customer service website).

This might also be useful for other newbies in other countries and/or using other providers services.

Hope this helps,

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