Configuration and backup of NAS

In the NAS case, there is room for two SATA 3.5" hard drives, right? Can those be…

  1. … configured in a RAID 1 setup?
  2. …use an external USB drive for backup?

I’m considering buying for identical HDDs, two for the NAS case and two for external boxes. The idea is to rotate the external ones for offsite backups.

What software could be used for the backups to the external drive?

What kind of backup? You could use rsync. I am new to the whole world of linux but I think rsync is versatile enough to do some kind of local recurring backup job.

According to their indigogo update from over half a year ago, yes. Raid 0 and 1 are possible.

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rsync is good. Also traditional Unix/Linux archive tool tar works well for backups. And it has incremental mode.

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ad_1: you better check this topic SATA HDD issues there were several issues with twin drives installed … and seems there is bug (already reported and dev-team is analyzing it) .

I am also considering using a second HDD as a backup disk rather than using it in a mirroring RAID array.
rsync is a great tool, but it’s not usable out of the box.

In my mind, I’d probably do an incremental backup every day, and a full backup every month or two.

Deja-dup (, a GNOME application, does exactly this, and is based on the command-line duplicity tool. I am not sure if duplicity can be installed on the Turris (, but there are some tutorials that could be used to get it to work once installed (, Another tool, Borg, mentioned here:
Here is a tutorial for rdiff on OpenWrt:

Even for those that are running a mirroring RAID array, a backup system is essential, and it would be invaluable to have a clear and reliable method described for Turris.

Hello, I wanted to use rdiff-backup but I can’t find the package
opkg find '*rdiff-backup*' but it returns now rows. However I found link:

what seems rdiff-backup is ported for turris. Is there a way, how to get rdiff-backup installed on both Trurris 1.x and Turris omnia? Duplicity, mentioned in this post will be also valid option, but I haven’t found it as well in turris using opkg.
Thanks for any hints.