Complete dead Turris Omnia for sale

Because of my clumsiness i have destroyed my previous Turris Omnia. Off course my house cannot survive without a Turris Omnia so bought a new one.

Everything is for sale except the WiFi cards. Planning to use them in my Single Board Computer.

For people who are interested how i have murdered my previous Turris Omnia: Was detaching the Omnia from the wall, but tried the same screw to put the case back in place without the wall mount…completely forgetting that there were two types of screws. Thus i turned the long screw in to the PCB. (it makes me just angry for making such a huge mistake.…kuch…YOU IDIOT!!..…kuch…) The Omnia wouldn´t want to turnon again, i assume it short circuits.


So if I understand it correctly… you are selling two Turris Omnia? One working and one defective? Or just the defective one?

No i am just selling the defective one.

Can you send a picture of the board? And the price you want for it plus shipping costs (Germany) if you ship. You can also send me a private message :wink:

The lost sea mate (dead Turris Omnia) has went and gotten a burial at sea. He has been shipped to another brother from the Turris family who will dissect him or maybe resurrect him.


I will do my best to bring him to life :slightly_smiling_face:


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