Compile my own medkit OS4

My internet provider (Movistar) in Spain has internet and IPTV through VLAN.
I have to apply a patch, so that the television works correctly (in the last version of openwrt it will already be included).

I have compiled the package with the instructions of “compile_pkgs”. Now I would like to create my own “medkit” with my custom Openwrt. How can I do it? It’s for version 4.

I think “generate_medkit” downloads the fonts instead of using my fonts.

Thank you.

What kind of patch it is?

Currently using generate_medkit to generate medkit from local files is not exactly supported. It is planned but won’t work with current script version.

You can potentially just take touched packages and use localrepo or your server to insert them to our distribution. I can help you with that but note that you should regularly rebuild your packages in such case to not go our of sync with our versions. For that you would have to setup some periodic build on top of latest Turris OS.

Other option is that if it is just some small patch that is compatible with 4.0 we could apply it on our side potentially as a backport but I don’t make any promises in this case.

Is this PR:

I really want to use your version, but I can’t because my IPTV doesn’t work properly.
Even the latest versions of the 3.11 branch don’t work properly and I’m on 3.11.6 and blocking updates.

Before I had this router, I used my own local server for my versions so I could use it again, although I prefer to use your packages.

If it is possible to integrate this patch in your compilation, perfect! if it is not possible I will try my local repository.

Thanks! :wink:

The linked PR is not yet merged. Once it is merged we can backport it. I am against backporting something that is not yet accepted by upstream (unless it is security fix and will be merged for sure).

I can help you with setting up your own repository if you want. I have my own as well. I am using laminar as my build system so the jobs are in shell, on the other hand you probably want to use something else. Non the less here is script used to build my repository

Other option is to just push upstream to merge it and then give us notice so we can backport it. This of course is going to take some time before it is done. It is up to you.