Compex ipq8074-hk01

Now this is seriously cute specification, just still not featuring a DSL modem…

Looks like the successor of the board featured in the current TO. Since it supports OpenWRT the TOS4.x should probably run on it too. And driver support already patched into the Linux Kernel

Anyone with hands-on experience yet? Me thinking of treating the router to a makeover

Compex offering many boards for long time.

They sure do, but what is the point as feedback to this particular model?

That doesn’t read like it is fully supported or even like ready to use OpenWRT-firmware is available yet.

I’m a little bit torn - it really fills in the gaps of current hardware design presenting a 10GBE- port. And it offers a SFP±slot (even if documentation doesn’t explicitly states 10GB- connectivity).
What is missing is the SIM-card-slot for LTE-modems (which will become quite interesting with 5G knocking on our doors). But that can be also added via USB.

Anyhow - nice discovery. If anyone starts playing around with it, I’d be glad to join (if not too expensive - and having a case for it would also not be too bad :wink:)

But I’m not sure if TO4.x will be easy to port. Maybe openWRT is more handy (even if I really came to like schnapps and frequent updates)

Take one of the 2 MiniPCI slots for a LTE/5G modem. The other one perhaps for a ssd. Tough using both slots may cover the LCD display port.

I reckon the emphasis is more on the SDK than OpenWRT.

With the design of TOS4.x there should not be much to port since the kernel driver patches are apparently already available, not sure though whether for all components. And the remainder are user apps mostly supplied by the distro.

Seems it was designed with a strong focus on connectivity but also intriguing are the video and audio ports.

DIY cardbox :slight_smile:

What is somehow weird is the LCD-header blocking miniPCIe-slot.
And both slots lack the holes where to attach the screws.
But I myself find it difficult to find an actual use case for audio- and LCD- headers in a router… :thinking:

You’re for sure right, but that would also mean there is functionality missing, right?

Don’t think so - current TO-design only works because of its metal case conducting most of the heat away. Without that you will for sure need a constantly running fan (which is ok when using a bigger one running slowly). But when using a fan one would need a stable mount for it, which is not that easy to realise within a cardbox, and one should take precaution against dust, what emphasises the need for a really right built case.
But for the beginning and for playing around you are certainly right.

The board comes with two large heat sinks - on both sides. So, for thermal reasons, a metal case would not be required. But still, it would be nice and useful if there would be someone who would offer a metal case with all of the wholes for such a board.

The board cost $1900,-.

Indeed it would be great to know, whether OpenWRT does support it with all of its features.

Slash one 0? Source for the price? For $ 190 I would not mind procuring one.

Source for the price: Compex’s own webshop:

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Surely some error with the price as it can hardly be more expensive than a 13’ MacBook Pro :wink:

Maybe wrong Omnia successor.

Seems it is still in concept phase, so pricing might also not be final atm.
Eagerly waiting for such a device to come available :hugs: