Compatible DVB-T2 tuners

Please is there a list of supported DVB T2 tuners?

Maybe … this link can help …

well, there are 4 tuners listed, 3 of them are EOL long time, and for Astrometa I’m finding various contradictory information (many versions, supported/unsupported).
What I want to achieve is only scheduled recording to a file. No need of streaming at all.
Does anyone have any real life experience with recording of Czech TV broadcasting?
BTW. first I wanted to do this on my Synology NAS, but they ended support of DVB and reportedly it will not work anymore

There are lists in our wiki

Pls., would you recommend some TV tuner available on any CZ e-shop?

Thats the same list of four, from which three are totally EOL.


I moved this to separate topic as this is getting out of original topic.

Anyway “supported” modules are assemble of what people in our team have. The DVB is not officially supported, it is community supported. We do not have any range of tuners tested. Only just few units available to team. You have to either try to buy and locate available drivers for tuner at the moment or wait if someone in community done the same.

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