Communication Of DNSSEC and firewall statistic

Up to now I noticed communication secondary DNSSEC , apparently it started with last updates. This is normal and standard? Primery DNS is out ?

Well that’s one of the IPs of public DNS resolvers from cz.nic – I assume you set your router to forward there. You mean it recently started to be classified as “DNSSEC”? (I assume that means the DO bit.)

When forwarding, at this moment knot-resolver (1.2.x) sends the DO bit upstream if (and only if) it gets the bit from the client.

I do not understand completely. Statistics is called “packets captured by a firewall”. I understand if the the statistics is only for “objectionable illegal packets”.

I think that if communication is safe - is not even registered by the firewall. Or it this means wrong ? and FW register the legal records and communications of DNSSEC too?

Therefore, my question?

I see what you mean, but I know nothing about the Omnia firewall…