Collectd plugins

How could one add other plugins to collectd?
I see only these as available

opkg list | grep collectd-mod

collectd-mod-cpu - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-interface - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-iwinfo - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-load - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-memory - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-network - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-ping - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-rrdtool - 4.10.8-3
collectd-mod-wireless - 4.10.8-3

What about these plugins?

How to add them to turris to see them in luci?

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Here is list of packages which are available in Omnia:

Disk is there. For it you will need to do this:

opkg update
opkg install collectd-mod-disk

but I cant find smart or even hddtemp there and they’re not listed even here:

Maybe you can find them in OpenWRT, but there is possibility that they wont work or you can compile them by yourself.

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There is a pretty decent document on how to set up a development container here.

I’ve also written about my experiences compiling other things for the omnia, but not the collectd plugins.

  • but not all available packages have to work on Turris Omnia (in example there are problems with collectd-mod-thermal)