Collaboration with Freedombox

Has anyone looked into how the work done by freedombox ( ) could be used? Maybe a freedombox installation could be run in a container?


A new release

It would be better to consider

Freedombox can apparently be installed on a plain debian host. So if we can run debian/arm under lxc/docker, we should be able to install the freedombox packages. But is there more that could be done?

I never heard of that initiative before. Thanks for posting @Paul_Totterman!

If it doesn’t “run” as a whole I’d say a sub-selection of their deployed tools should run at least.

I was planning on deploying my own set of similar tooling (Ownclowd etc. + other 100% FOSS), but now I am tempted to use this collection as a whole.

What are the pros/contras for deploying it as a set?

It offers intergration between the services that you’d have to configure yourself otherwise.