Cloud backups - probably password encoding/decoding problem

I just wanted to use feature “restore settings from cloud” for one of my Omnia (after repair) but it does not accept my password:

Failed to decrypt the backup. You probably inserted a wrong password.

I was pretty sure that password is correct - I did copy paste it from password manager. So I started to wonder what could be wrong. Then I noticed that my password (it was generated) is containing & character… And really when I try to set password to:


It is not possible to restore backups using this password (or passwords using &). It seems that password is somehow badly encoded/decoded during the backup/restore process. I was somehow expecting (stupid me) that such elementary function will be working and I did not test it before I sent Omnia to repair…

It is possible that more characters will be not working…

Turris OMNIA
Foris version: 100.0

Question is how to restore my settings from cloud?