Cisco Catalyst 3560 PoE-48 unable to negotiate gigabit connection with Omnia

I’ve just replaced my Cisco Catalyst 3560G PoE-24 switch with a 3560 PoE-48. All of the other connections to the switch which previously had gigabit connections on the 3560G are now showing gigabit connections on the 3560 – except the Omnia, which only negotiates a 100mb connection. I’ve tried about half a dozen Cat-6 cables. No joy.

I’ve tried putting the 3560G between the Omnia and the 3560 but then it still drops the gigabit connection when leaving the 3560G.

Any thoughts/suggestions/advice greatly appreciated.

Try check Catalyst port settings.

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Thanks Viktor. The Catalyst is auto-negotiation so it should automatically negotiate to Gbs like my old switch, but for some reason, it doesn’t. I’ve tried six different ports on the Catalyst, but each one will only negotiate a 100mbs connection with the Omnia, yet every other device I connect to the switch connects at 1Gbs. This one’s got me stumped…

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