Change external drive or backup external drive

Hello friends,

Consider the case one wants to change the external drive and use a bigger one instead. Or the case one makes a backup of the external drive to another backup drive and then the external drive actually breaks and the backup should be restored.

Which is the best way to do that?

I tried to clone the external drive with clonezilla, for using a bigger drive, but it does not work. When I use the cloned drive, Foris>Storage shows a red banner and tells that something is broken and data may be lost.

Clonezilla never failed for me, so I am surprised and wonder which is the suggested way to do that.

There should be some way, or does one need to reinstall everything from zero and then copy the structure of files and folders? Even that is not trivial: first how to know what was installed on the external drive. I know /srv, but what does it involve? Second I tried to read the external drive on two different linux computers and none was able to automatically mount it. So how to read it?

But all this seems something very basic, so I imagine that some handy solution exists.


When you copy a drive using clonezilla most likely UUID of the partition is different. Try to set that new UUID in /etc/config/storage and reboot