Change DNS for one Host in official TLD


using kresd and dnsmasq for my dns resolving.
dnsmasq is needed for local resolving see

Now for testing a want to resolve local to a different ip. like a entry in the hosts file at the clients. how can i manage this? are kresd hints able to do this?



  • forwarding to dnsmasq shouldn’t be needed anymore to get *.lan. Just use the defaults and tick the checkbox in the Foris web UI.
  • hosts-like files wiki article.

What about reverse lookups. If I don’t comment out ‘’ in /usr/lib/kdns_modules/policy.lua, I can’t reverse look up any of my local hosts. Can I rely on kresd to do those lookups for me?

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It’s IETF-mandated policy is to block these by default, and unluckily for the hints case, policy module currently takes precedence before the hints module.

You can “work around” that by enabling the suffixes explicitly, e.g. for IPv4 192.168.1.*:

policy.add(policy.suffix(policy.PASS, { todname('') }))

Adding config lines is explained around the link I posted.

perfect - thanks. works like a charm :slight_smile: