Can't set up network share drive

Using a Mox router, I tried to set up a networked share using a usb flash drive. I don’t know how to use all this command line stuff that the OpenWrt wiki uses, and I’m thinking this router is too complicated for non-IT professionals who want something a little more useful than what Forris can do.

After setting up the drive in Forris’ storage and using as much as I could of this guide for LuCi
I couldn’t get the server to be seen on a mac. After reformatting the flash drive to NTFS and plugging it back in to start the process from the beginning, I now cannot even get the drive to format. I get this error on the storage page. “Your setup is currently broken and you are probably loosing data, set a new storage device as soon as you can!” And this error in Notifications:

Error from 2019/10/09 09:12:43

Adding drive /dev/sda1 failed.

Technical details: ERROR: not a btrfs filesystem: /srv

As the error says, the drive stays HTFS even after reboot. I’ve deleted the mount point in LuCi and the attempt at a shared directory in LuCi’s Network Shares tab. I tried unmounting a /srv mount point in LuCi that has “none” for filesystem, and when I do that Notifications in Forris then tell me that a certain uuid can’t be found. I think it was the uuid of the flash drive before I reformatted, but I’m not certain.

I am really thinking this router is kind of unusable for people who don’t use command line Linux. Am I wrong?