Can't log into eBay via Turris!

After the problem last two weeks with inability to log in to Google sites, which I fixed by setting DNS on all devices to, now I can’t log into my eBay accounts via Turris, but it works fine when I disconnect from Turris and log in via mobile 4G mobile access. What’s the deal???

do you run on 3.6.3 version ?

Update from 2017/04/28 01:44:34
• Installed version 4 of package turris-diagnostics
• Installed version 1.2.5-2 of package knot-resolver
• Installed version 3.6.3 of package turris-version


please verify if all of the names mentioned in error messages you posted to

can be resolved using nslookup. Following article shows how it can be done using tool nslookup:

That information will tell us if it is a problem with DNS resolver or something else. We can continue debugging after that.

Thanks for the reply pspacek and for the nslookup info. Ebay is now working again after not making any changes anywhere so not sure what the problem was, but for almost a week, I could access but I could sometimes log into my ebay account, but not access specific functions in ebay but when I went to the same location via 4G, everything worked just fine. Not sure what to think about that???

If the DNS resolver issue is now fixed with the most recent firmware update, I’d like to set the DNS server to my ISP’s DNS numbers, but I can’t see anywhere in the Turris configuration menus to do this. Can you please indicate where to configure the DNS server in Turris? Many thanks!


and sorry for taking so long to reply. You can find it in Foris web interface under DNS / DNS forwarding option. DNS resolver will talk to your ISP’s servers if DNS forwarding is checked.

Thanks Petr. The issue seems to have been sorted with the most recent Turris firmware update.

Apparently, there was also a problem at eBay. They acknowledged an issue, but didn’t provide details about what it was.