Can't enable nor disable OpenVPN in Foris


I had before manual OpenVPN, but now, when the OpenVPN option is in Foris, I can’t enable it nor disable it.

It says in red “Failed to enable openvpn server configuration” and “Failed to disable openvpn server configuration”.

I think it must be a resting file from the manual OpenVPN operation, but I can’t guess which. I uninstalled OpenVPN in Foris and installed it again and tried to remove content of /etc/ssl/ca/openvpn/, but it didn’t help.

find / -iname '*openvpn*’ with OpenVPN uninstalled shows these files:


The problem could be missing file /etc/config/openvpn?
I’ve removed the system package by hand: opkg remove openvpn-openssl
It complains about that config file:

Removing package openvpn-openssl from root...
Command failed: Not found
Not deleting modified conffile /etc/config/openvpn.
Collected errors:
 * file_sha256sum_alloc: Failed to open file /etc/config/openvpn: No such file or directory.
WARNING: You probably just removed a package that was installed as part of a user list or the basic system. This package will return durring the next updater run. We suggest you disable the user list instead.

The package is reinstalled automatically and then enabling and disabling of the OpenVPN in Foris works as expected. I wish the error messages in Foris are little bit more specific.