Can't connect to NAS on parent network. Delagate NAT/DHCP to parent network?

I’m stuck on this problem an am hoping someone can point out what I might be doing wrong.

background: I have an OPNsense router with my LAN2 interface [] connected to a network hub that contains both a Synology NAS [] and my Turris omnia WiFi [] which is currently serving dhcp addresses in the range of [192.168.2.*] to wifi devices. When I connect a computer to the Wifi I can use a browser to connect to the main OPNSense router [] but nothing allows me to connect to the NAS [] on that same subnet, and the OPNsense router has completely open permissions so that anything on that subnet can get to anything.

#1 It seems that my omnia is currently not routing any packets to anything on that subnet except for the gateway device itself. I have played with static routs for forwarding with no results. The same browser can connect to anything on the Internet, but just not the NAS on the same local network that is the WAN of the omnia. The OPNSense router never even sees this traffic in the logfile (logs everything right now), so it seems that these packets are just not being forwarded for some reason.

#2 Is there a way to delegate the dhcp/nat on the omina and forward the dhcp requests to be served by the OPNsense device? My thinking is that this would allow all devices on my subnet to use one common range of addresses and then the OPNsense router could have firewall rules to highly control all the devices attached to the subnet or Wifi. Many devices are IoT devices that I really don’t trust and want to lock down where they can connect to.

Any thoughts are welcome.

Steve C