Can't buy router with card

Hi, I don’t know where to type this, but I can’t pay with my card. I was trying 2 debit cards, where I have sufficient money (and enough limits set). Either the server say something about that payment can’t be done in the moment (something like server is busy, try later) or it said that payment can’t be done with my card. In internet banking of each card I see, that Paypal have blocked 1 USD payment, and nothing else. I am not listed on the backers list so I presume, that I don’t make contribution (or two).
Can’t find anybody with the same problems, lately I “bought” via IGG Jolla Tablet (well bought is strong word, but I paid for it and the payment was correct, but can’t remember if the process of payment was the same as now). Now I can’t. This is the only “public” place where I can type this.
So that’s it. Petr

You should contact Indiegogo.


I had similar problem :frowning: Paypal is little bit picky as to which card you use :wink: and has quite long procedure to verify it :frowning:

@petrkriz You have about one week more time to buy what you want :wink: see “updates” on Indiegogo page!

Maybe you need to verify your PayPal account first. There are instructions in the PayPal help, in a nutshell, you need to find a (4-digit, I think) number in your bank account’s transaction log in the description of the $1 payment and enter it somewhere after logging into your PayPal account.

If you still encounter problems then, it’s better to contact directly Indiegogo or PayPal support, there’s nothing more we can do about it right now.

@jada4p That’s very good news, unfortunately +40USD is a lot.
@sairon Thank you for your help. I don’t have PayPal account, I was trying to contribute without it just with my card (as the PayPal was suggesting it). In internet banking I have payment description with a number, but it has 11 digits and is the same for each card (different accounts and banks). I will try to “convince” PayPal to cooperate (this time) but I am not very optimistic :smile: I was using this forum because I wanted to know if somebody has experienced such problems, on IGG site only contributers can post comments.

Okay so you’ve confused us with your talking about PayPal… Than please connect Indiegogo.


@M4x Oh sorry for that, I rush to work in the morning, so I maybe wrote it down badly. I just contacted IGG, so I will see what they answer.

Nevermind. I hope OGG is going to help you soon.