Cannot set up 2 and 5 GHz radios at the same time

i used to be able to set up my mox with a 2 and a 5 GHz radio (older systems connected to the slower and newer ones could get the faster one). unfortunately, something changed and the second radio seems to never actually connect to clients.


any advice on how to troubleshoot this?

Did you try to reset wifi settings in reForis and set your wifi again?

Are you on the newest updated OS version? And what kind of Mox is that?

that’s a great idea. i did that, and there was no effect … (although, with the reset i was able to see the new WPA3 options and the disable management frame protection switch (which also had no effect if on or off))

thank you


here are some screen shots to try to answer some of your questions. it seems interesting to me that the radios have different hardware, and that the marvell chip seems not to be working as expected.

i don’t know if this means i need to replace the second radio in some way. thanks for taking the time to look at this and offer your thoughts.

Channel 0 on 5 GHz looks definitely weird… Does it stand for Auto? Try to force a channel manually. Ideally one without DFS.

Did you reboot after wifi reset? As peci1 said, it is weird. Maybe your wifi hardware is broken. You should try as a last step, to reset you router to factory settings or better, try to reflash it from latest medkit.