Cannot resolve sites hosted by

My Turris cannot resolve sites dns-hosted by - e.g. or

Sometimes it can, but then it misses the resolving. Often, but not every times, a restart of the resolver can make it work. A reboot will make it work for some hours or even days.

What could be the reason for this behaviour? And what can I do to overcome the problem?


Suppose that is with kresd (knot-resolver)? I am not a kresd user but would reckon it features logging where dns queries could be logded at various verbose levels and from that from log it could be determined of what is happening with dns queries in general or that particular domain.

Maybe @vcunat is around to assist

Yes, I would like to see verbose logs around the failures. Those are obtainable even without command line: I think the buttons didn’t appear in system 3.10.2, so better update first.

@vcunat Funny now the router has been running with debugging switched on with no problems for 10 days. Odd, I think.


Not odd, really. We test each release with about a million different names automatically, so the bugs getting to users tend to be more elusive.

Finally I’ve got a log file when it makes an error.

Where to upload for further inspection?


There might be some partially sensitive information, so probably just privately to

[inspected the logs] You don’t have working IPv6, right? And you didn’t have 3.10.4 at that moment yet? It really seems like another instance of

No, that i correct. My ISP does not provide IPv6 yet.

The version number you are refering to is that for the knot? It seems to be version 1.5.1-2, but I can that a new version has arrived and waits to be installed - it has version 2.4.1-2. Will this version work better?


I meant Turris OS version. I didn’t anticipate you could have as old knot-resolver version as 1.5.1. (I suppose you haven’t updated for several months.) There have been a few rounds of security updates for knot-resolver since that version (and many other fixes, too).