Cannot resolve fully qualified names on LAN

I have a .domain (e.g. Via DDNS it resolves to my TO firewall. With my older Untangle based firewall I was able to have local DNS resolve fully qualified names (e.g. to local addresses (both IPv4 and IPv6). This allowed my to use consistent urls whether I was on my LAN or on the actual internet.

With my TO box I am able to resolve unqualified hosts locally but not fully qualified names. On the LuCI “DHCP and DNS” page I have specified:

Local server: ['/]
Local domain: []

Any suggestions?

Local server: [’/]
I see 2 mistakes:

  • mdomain instead mydomain (missing y) - but it is not real domain, I suppose. :slight_smile:
  • '/ instead of / (extra apostrophe)

@netbat Thanks for the reply. The missing y was merely a typo ( was made up to avoid using my true domain). The apostrophe came from the fact that I originally composed the message using apostrophes everywhere, then decide it would be clearer with brackets. Obviously I missed removing one apostrophe.

When all is said and done, neither of those problem exist in my actual setting. And the problem remains.

I assume the problem is that DNS (correctly) returns your public IP but that one doesn’t route correctly from within your LAN.

You can certainly configure knot-resolver hints to override the answers for some particular domains – to get local IPs instead of the public ones. There are various ways how to get that into the config, e.g. see DNS redirection