Can we expect fail2ban in turris' repos in the near future?

hey there
fail2ban seems to be complete now and can be used on OpenWRT, see this.

When can we expect that Turris will this include in its own repos?
(Can we? :slight_smile: )

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You are pointing it to the OpenWrt master branch, which means in the daily snapshot, which should be used only by experienced users as bad things might happen there. And for someone from the master it can take some time to get it to the stable versions.

But luckily, the fail2ban is also included in OpenWrt 21.02, which means you can expect it in the Turris OS 6.0, which is available in one of our development branches.

There are no plans to include it in Turris OS 5.x, which is based on top of OpenWrt 19.07.