Can I use the same wireguard interface as VPN together with site-2-site?

Hi and sorry for, maybe, stupid questions :slight_smile:

I have set my wireguard network interface WG0 at home, according to this manual WireGuard setup [Turris wiki].
I would like to set site-2-site network between my Omnia ( and Omnia at my parents (

I am little bit confused now…I would like to keep possibility, to connect to each site separately, from outside via its WAN, due to rare, but possible internet dropouts on some of sites. E.g my phone connected to my wg0 via my WAN IP and phones of my parents connected to their wireguard, lets say wg1, via their WAN IP.
At the same time, I would like to have interconnected our LANs via wireguard site-2-site.

Do i understand correctly that i have to do it like this somehow?

  1. Just add Omnia of my parents as peer and set it it according to this tutorial Turris Academy #4: Site 2 Site VPN using WireGuard on Turris routers - YouTube
    Create separate wireguard interface at my parents Omnia, only for their devices and configure 2 wireguard profiles on each device to have possibility to switch between site-2-site (mine) wireguard and their wireguard.

  2. Create another wireguard interface on my Omnia, only for site-2-site.
    Configure 2 wireguard profiles on each device to have possibility to switch between site-2-site and normal wireguard network.

I hope I wrote it clearly

And additional question:
Private key on server side is unique for each wireguard interface, or it is shared between interfaces? If unique, how to create another one and keep that original one?

I would stick with the option 2. Personally, I do not like the idea of mixing Road warrior and Site2site VPN together.

I have been using multiple s2s and RW on one interface. No issues.
I don’t seem to be able to see the benefits of a second interface if it is for your personal use.

just save it with a different file name during creation

Well, thank you for your answers. Finally, I have set up another wireguard interface, only for site-2-site according to this manual: How to Create a Site to Site VPN // OpenWrt, Wireguard - YouTube
It was much better explained as from Turris team, at least for me :slight_smile: