Can I upgrade from the alpha release to the final release?

I am interested in trying out alpha 5, but don’t want to have to flash my TO manually too many times (to prevent me from making mistakes). Will it be possible, after the first non-alpha non-beta release, to automatically upgrade to it from alpha 5 without having to manually flash my TO?

It should be working with swtich-branch

Here Be Snails (HBS)
Branch for the real releases that are deployed to the end users automatically.

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  1. flashed with the 4.0 hbk medkit from (same git commit as 4.0b5)
  2. did basic configuration and installed a few foris & opkg packages
  3. checked the branch im on :
    root@turris:~# switch-branch
    You are currently in: hbs

now im confused. should using a hbk image not result in one being on the hbk branch?
i doubt 4.0b5 is already in the stable branch?!
do i have to switch to another branch to get update to the next 4.0 prerelease (f.ex. beta6)?

HBT and HBS are binary copies of HBK so HBK have to be prepared for stable release and not for HBK. You have to switch to desired branch after medkit install and before updater activation.

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